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Michael Creature is alternative musical rock artist, multi-instrumentalist and creative force of nature. Known internationally for her award- winning, ornate piano rhapsodies, velvet unchained sexy vocals of melodious storytelling, and her formidable guitar art rock. She is a powerful original performer who recently relocated to Salisbury after surviving breast cancer. She has produced 2 albums of her own work and has a new album on the way. Conveying her inspiration with renewed fire; she is now working with creative prog-rock drummer Stephen Christey. Her talent has been praised by fans and critics in North America and Europe. A unique, dynamic and confident voice, singing to sustain the soul, creating to inspire, wielding just about any instrument you throw at her. Michael delivers true passion in an unorthodox way. " Parker proves a new goddess is in town, poised to join the female singer/songwriter elite.... Lyrically, a bona fide muse, set to plant the seed of self- expression into all of earth's creatures." -West Coast Performer Magazine (USA) @michaelcreature -instagram

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